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    Our Mission Statement

    The HoneyBaked Hockey Club is committed to developing hockey players so they may continue to play the game of hockey at advanced levels as they progress through their amateur years.

    The hockey program shall emphasize fundamental player and team skills, conceptual development, nutritional awareness, physical conditioning and respect for the individual athlete and the sport.

    Congratulations HB Players!

    HB College Commits HB USHL Draft Picks (NTDP commits included) HB OHL Draft Picks
    Davis Pennington-University of Nebraska-Omaha
    Travis Mitchell - Cornell Travis Mitchell - Muskegon
    Payton Dockus - Suffolk
    Julia Maguire - Suffolk
    Clara Van Wieren - Minnesota Duluth
    Andrew Perrott - Miami University Andrew Perrott-Madison Capitals Andrew Perrott-London Knights
    Kristoff Papp-Madison Capitals
    Emma Morisette - Adrian Mack Guzda, Owen Sound
    K.J. Blumberg - Brown
    Mitchell Miller-Miami University Mitchell Miller-Cedar Rapids Mitchell Miller-Sarnia Sting
    Lauren Rippy - Brown
    Mackenzie Kamm - Adrian
    Jacob Badal-Western Michigan University Jacob Badal-Dubuque Saints
    Ryan Savage-Miami University
    Michael Mancinelli-North Dakota Michael Mancinelli-Madison Capitals Michael Mancinelli-Hamilton Bulldogs
    Tino Passarelli - Miami University
    Ryan Roth - St. Lawrence Saints Sault St. Marie
    Josh Nodler - Michigan State Josh Nodler - Fargo Force Josh Nodler-Sarnia Sting
    Will Mackinnon - Denver University Will Mackinnon-NTDP Will Mackinnon-Guelph
    Jonathan Gruden - Miami of Ohio Jonathan Gruden-NTDP Jonathan Gruden-London Knights
    Jacob Semik - University of Michigan Jacob Semik-Dubuque Jacob Semik-Sault St. Marie
    Dylan St. Cyr - University of Michigan Dylan St. Cyr-NTDP
    Jagger Joshua - Michigan State Jagger Joshua-Youngstown
    Calen Kiefiuk - University of Michigan Calen Kiefiuk-Bloomington
    Abby Chapman - New Hampshire (2016) Caleb Everett-Muskegon Caleb Everett-Saginaw
    Maggie Mitter - Adrian (2016) Cade Robinson-Muskegon Cade Robinson-Saginaw
    Shelbi Thacker - Potsdam (2016) Max Ellis-Youngstown Max Ellis-Peterborough
    Jacque Rogers - Lake Forest (2016) Zach Borgiel-Muskegon Zach Borgiel-Niagra
    Brianna Buchanan - Adrian (2016) Valentino Passarelli-Fargo
    Taylor Girard - Lindenwood University Ryan Sullivan-DesMoines
    Kayla Martinez - Lindenwood University Jake Transit-Bloomington
    Madison Byrne - Oswego State Travis Mitchell-Muskegon
    Jaquelin White - Oswego State
    Julieann White - Oswego State